13 Powerful Tips to Empower Entrepreneurs

I get a lot of emails or direct messages on social media from women who are interested in starting a business, looking for advice or looking for something they can’t find. Sometimes its candle related and other times it’s unrelated to candle making. Generally, I answer but as of late,...

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The Meaning of Black Girl Magic

It’s been years since CaShawn Thompson spread her message that Black Girls are Magic but not everyone has caught on. Black Girl Magic started as a hashtag and in 2013, created by CaShawn and has since become a powerful black women's empowerment movement.  

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15 Self-Care Rituals for Fall and Winter

Self-Care should be a daily effort and is definitely not limited to any particular season. But colder months offer opportunity for us to neglect our self care due to a variety of reasons including the busy holiday season. We're spending more time indoors, the approaching Holidays offer more opportunities for...

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Nose Blindness: Exploring the Science of Smell

We spend so much time in our homes that it’s no wonder we try to make them feel as comfortable, relaxing and inviting for ourselves and potential guests by lighting candles. But, after a while of burning your candle, you may find that you can’t smell it anymore. While certainly...

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Morning Routine for Busy Women

I love the smell of possibility in the morning. For the majority of my life, I've never considered myself a morning person. Like most of the world, I bought into the idea that I could stay up all night to work and that meant that I had a handle on...

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