Nose Blindness: Exploring the Science of Smell


We spend so much time in our homes that it’s no wonder we try to make them feel as comfortable, relaxing and inviting for ourselves and potential guests by lighting candles. But, after a while of burning your candle, you may find that you can’t smell it anymore. While certainly frustrating, this can happen with most aromas whether it be a candle, perfume, the smell of aging garbage and perhaps a meal you cooked. This phenomenon is called nose blindness and if you continue to stay in the presence of a smell, your brain will become used to it and gradually, you stop noticing the aroma.

The good news is that there are ways you can counter react nose blindness to make sure you can experience the yummy smells of candles.

  1. Only use your candles for a short period of time. The recommended use is 3-4 hours of burning and a candle has to achieve a full burn pool to properly release the scent. . 
  2. Give your nose a break and don’t burn candles daily. 
  3. Change up the scents you burn. If you have a favorite scented candle that you bun often, change it up by burning the opposite. If it’s a coffee scented candle, try a clean lavender scented candle or a delicious vanilla and caramelized sugar scented candle like Do Nothing & Chill.
  4. Leave the room to clear your scent palate and come back. Sitting in a room waiting for the smell to happen can lead to nose blindness. For example, think of the time you left a room for a bit and you didn't realize the trash was stinking. Moving around and getting some fresh air for 10-15 minutes outdoors can help.
  5. Move your candle to a small room. Rooms that have more open space including high ceilings can take more time to fill up with fragrance. There are scents that can be lighter such as lavender but even delicate scents can provide a nice background scent for a nice sized room.

Following the tips above can help you regain the ability to smell your favorite candles. If you still find an issue with smelling your candle, we would like to be the first to know about any issues you’re experiencing so that we can assist.

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