Behind the scenes, Posh Candle Co is a woman owned small business built from the ground up on the Founders passion for craft, design, entrepreneurship and desire to create a life she loves. 

Tay, Chief Chandler of Posh Candle Co, self-proclaimed Glow-Getter, MSW, Mom of two boys and more enjoys the freedom of creativity and ability to inspire other women to stay lit. When Tay is not making and burning candles, she enjoys eating her way around Los Angeles, cross fitting and spending quality time with her adventurous boys.

Tay Watts- Posh Candle Co


Our mission is to inspire women to be their authentic selves by using catchy phrases and statements that encourage a positive mindset, promote self-love, spark laughter and offer an on-trend approach to the relaxing flicker of a candle flame. But we don't want you to purchase just any candle. We know that something as small as lighting a candle has the potential to spark some amazing things so each candle is made out of love, fun and excitement for life.


Posh Candle Co. is more than just a candle brand. We feel it's important to support and unite women who are also navigating entrepreneurial journeys and spark meaningful relationships. We recognize that it's a blessing to have a lucrative business so when we have success, we like to give back. We're so happy to support projects from organizations and fellow entrepreneurs that share the same mission in helping women stay lit. 


It all began in 2014 when Tay would experiment with candle making as a hobby and gift them to family and friends. Fast forward to 2016, it would take a few months before the idea of a candle business emerged but Tay relied on something that she heard at a women’s empowerment event, “Our passions are things that we are naturally drawn to and many times are sitting right under our nose but we ignore it.” One day, Tay found herself standing in the candle aisle, something she loved to do each trip but this time she noticed how she naturally found her way to the candle aisle carefully smelling one of life’s simple pleasures. But, there was something missing. Tay couldn’t find candles that spoke to who she was as a woman and the things she enjoyed so she left with the idea that she would create a line of candles that were unlike anything on the store shelves. Tay carefully handcrafted her first soy candle; Boss Lady, a fruity and bold scent as a tribute to fierce women being the boss of their lives.

Within six months of launching, Tay was fulfilling an order for 5,000 candles, graduating with her MSW and managing a pretty busy home life. Today, Posh Candle Co. offers a variety of scents that are inspired by pop culture.  Based in Los Angeles, Posh Candle Co. has quickly grown into a fierce candle company with notable features in BuzzFeed, Revolt, Voyage LA, Side Hustle School, 21 Ninety, Madamenoire, XONecole and brand collaborations with Facebook, Shopify, the American Cancer Society and more. The candle collection, handcrafted with 100% soy wax, hand-poured in small batches using the best fragrance and popping colors, is care free, fun and edgy.


We take our time brainstorming ideas for the latest trends, so we frequently find inspiration out in the world and build a custom scent around the idea using hand-picked colors for an extra dose of inspiration. While researching, we generate a variety of possibilities and narrow down to the final pick. For every candle that is made, our intent is to have fun with it as we love to see how our customers react. Getting creative is how we discover blends that are perfect and we use generous portions of premium fragrance oils.

We hand pick each scent and blend fragrances to create intriguing scents that are signature to Posh Candle Co. Then, new candles are left to cure for several days before they are test burned for performance prior to moving a candle into production for sale. Because of this selection process, we work closely with fragrance suppliers who share the same passion for quality, ethical sourcing, and only use phathlate-free fragrances that have been tested to perform best in soy wax candles.

Finally, a candle is cleared for production and each candle is hand-poured and allowed to cure for several days prior to packaging candles for shipment to their new homes. 



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