The Meaning of Black Girl Magic

You're getting this black girl magic whether you want it or not.

Black Girl Magic candle It’s been years since CaShawn Thompson spread her message that Black Girls are Magic but not everyone has caught on. Black Girl Magic started as a hashtag and in 2013, created by CaShawn and has since become a powerful black women's empowerment movement. As described by Julee Wilson on Huff Post, Black Girl Magic “celebrates the beauty, power and resilience of black women.” You would think with such a positive movement that is against negative images society places on black women, the term would be embraced by all but it’s certainly not without criticism. There are some that feel that the concept of Black Girl Magic reinforces the “strong black woman” stereotype. Despite its opposition by a few, you see Black Girl Magic everywhere these days; on the cover of magazines, at the most popular events for black women around the world, all over social media and we have a Black Girl Magic Candle.

"Black Girl Magic celebrates the beauty, power, and resilience of black women."

Recently, I was reading comments on one of our Facebook advertisements which shows our Black Girl Magic candle lit along with a collage of other candles from our line. One woman decided to leave a comment on our advertisement saying, “Where is the White Girl Magic?”  Initially, I felt like I didn’t owe an explanation for why we have a Black Girl Magic candle nor should I feel like I have to defend something that someone chooses to misunderstand. But, I can’t  miss an opportunity to educate women that come from a variety of backgrounds that follow our brand. So, I responded and she removed her comment a week later.  

Posh Candle Co Clapback

Black women celebrating themselves should not make non-black women feel inferior or left out.  Celebrating my blackness does not mean I’m anti-other races. If you’re a non-black woman that’s offended by Black Girl Magic, I can’t tell you how to feel but, if you feel a way, you have to ask yourself why does Black Girl Magic make you feel anything less of yourself or resentment towards those who choose to own it? 

"I think the magic behind being a black woman is the story behind our resilience. Despite societal attempts to dismiss us, perpetuate negative stereotypes and show us images that teach us to hate ourselves, look at us, glowing and shit." -Tay Watts

So, Black Girl Magic does not grant us magical superpowers and it certainly does not mean that we think we’re better than other race of women. It’s celebrating our unique beauty, our melanin, our strengths, its healing, unapologetic, a sense of community, serves as a form of self-love, and a reminder to live our lives to the fullest regardless of who does not like it. 

You're getting this black girl magic, whether you like it or not. 

FUN FACT: Posh Candle Co launched its Black Girl Magic candle November 2017 and it’s been the most gifted candle from our collection. Many women of various ethnicities and backgrounds have purchased our black girl magic candle to celebrate the bond they share with the dope black women in their lives.

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  • Noelia brisita

    you guys are freaking amazing 🙌🏽 I will definitely be buying black girl magic candle very very soon .

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