Morning Routine for Busy Women

I love the smell of possibility in the morning.

For the majority of my life, I've never considered myself a morning person. Like most of the world, I bought into the idea that I could stay up all night to work and that meant that I had a handle on my life and was reaching my goals quickly. That was my 20's; full of adventure, late night studying, and 2 am cups of coffee only to wake up in a rush feeling less than inspired to do anything at all. 

That lifestyle changed significantly once I had my second child and launched Posh Candle Co. on top of being a full-time graduate student. Later, I took on an hour commute for a full-time job to make things really interesting. Winging it and neglecting to prepare was no longer an option. So, as a busy woman, creating a routine that could help me feel a sense of balance with my crazy schedule became essential for me to keep it all together. 

A good morning routine gives you an opportunity to have a fresh start each day and research shows that a morning routine is essential for productivity and success. Pay attention to your days that seem overwhelming or rushed. Is there a chance that your morning got off go a rough start? Perhaps, you spent the morning walking around in a haze or scrolling social media. Here are some tips for a morning routine that every goal getting girl needs to get shit done. 


Set a time to wake up and stick to it even when that little voice tells you to sleep in. As long as you've had quality sleep, get up and conquer the day. 


Your morning routine can be helped by a quick shower. We all know that the best ideas happen in the shower where you can be innovative and free pressure from the outside world. For extra ambiance, light up your candles and turn off the light. 


Add fitness to your morning routine. Whether it's a round of yoga or taking a brisk run, exercise is a great way to naturally energize your body. I personally love a good 30-45 minute reclined walk on the treadmill. Nothing too crazy!


Quiet your mind especially to develop the mental stamina to overcome stressful situations. Take some time to just be, focus on your breathing, hear the sounds that are naturally around you and turn on your mental spam filter. Dump and block thoughts that don't serve you. Light up some fragrant incense and candles to add a touch of ambiance. It's okay if your mind wanders, acknowledge it, and keep going. 


Surprisingly, my days have been better since I stopped starting it with a cup of coffee. Opt for a healthy breakfast, smoothie or detox tea to get your best start. I like to drink turmeric with honey and lemon. Also, since I wake at 4am, I enjoy a light breakfast such as toast with fresh fruit and eat a larger breakfast around 8am. 


Start on your top three important tasks. If you expect to get a list of 20 things done in one day, you may be taking on too much. Take time to plan your day according to your most productive hours. 


The morning is an excellent time to work on your personal development. Before you turn on the TV, check your social media or dive into work mode, take 30-60 minutes to read something educational, motivational or inspirational. Make sure the first thing you're putting into your mind in the morning is positive and consistent with how you would like to feel. Set the mood by lighting up your favorite candle to add coziness to the space you're working in. 


When you have a lot to do, sticking to the top 3 important tasks may seem too little for you. Utilize the support of a timer to keep you in check. If you're working on your book, how much time will you give yourself before you move to the next task? How much time will you dedicate to returning emails? Remember, a slow pace is still movement. Before you know it, the goals you've set for yourself will get accomplished. 


Developing a new routine takes some time to get used to but get going and see what works for your lifestyle. There's always going to be some obstacles along the way like unexpected sickness or other life events that knock you off track. You can always make adjustments where you need to. Most importantly, have some compassion for yourself and remind yourself that you're doing what you can with what you have. 


Did you enjoy this post? Tell us if you've incorporated any of these morning routine tips into your daily life in the comment section below. 



  • Tanisha

    This has inspired me sooo much. Can’t wait to start.

  • Jaquisha Reed

    This is a great read. I am going to try it because I truly feel that I’m going to feel better inside and out.

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