Staying Lit in 2024


January can be a popular time to reset and improve your mental health and by now, we've all heard of the term "self-care." We're constantly urged to prioritize ourselves above all else but for many people, soaking in a hot bath seems to be all there is time for in this fast paced world. So we soak away our troubles only to return to the things that continue to wreck havoc on our lives. With this is mind, we want to encourage you to use our tips to staying lit in 2024 and beyond.

    1. Time Management:  Let’s be real. Sometimes we have a million things to do and suddenly we find ourselves scrolling endlessly though social media or doing the complete opposite of what we should be doing. We all know that a sure way to create stress is to wait until the last minute to complete something that requires your attention. Create a routine, use a planner or use to do lists to help you stay on task and get important things done.


        2. Unfollow & Unplug: Everyone is plugged to something these days. Take a quick look around and you’ll see many of the people around you with their heads down glaring into some sort of device. It’s no wonder sometimes we feel so exhausted, but we can’t quite put our fingers on it. Get rid of the mental clutter and Unplug. But before you do, unfollow accounts that are not helpful or triggering and follow more encouraging accounts that add value and excitement to your life.


            3. Acceptance: If you can’t change it, let it go. We spend too much time allowing the things we cannot control rob us of our time and happiness. Give yourself grace and opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. Don't beat yourself up because we're all dealing with something!


                4. Ask for Help: You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Ask for help when you need it and when people offer to help you, believe that they truly want to help. Don’t let your pride drag you along for a stressful ride and overwhelm you. If you’re someone who does not like asking for help and your plate is over filled, consider taking on less so that you do not burn out. Evaluate everything on your plate and make a decision whether some items can be dumped, delegated to someone else or perhaps you're putting unnecessary pressure to perform at a quick pace. 
                    5. No, Nope, Nah: This goes for people, places and situations. Say no to anything that feels forced, fake and funky. Seriously, who has time for weird vibes and situations that make us feel unsafe, uncomfortable and unexcited. Say no because your peace of mind depends on it. 
                        6. Get More Rest: We live in a world where we are constantly told to work hard and the less we sleep, the greater chance we have at being successful. Well, burnout is sure to be the result if you’re like me with a career, business, children and other life obligations. There is nothing cute about being tired all of the time. Whatever you need to do to catch more sleep, do that. Again, if your plate is so full that you find yourself up late every night and waking up in the early morning hours just to keep up, consider outsourcing the things you can and eliminating unnecessary tasks all together. Sleep is going to essential when it comes to your ability to achieve a sense of balance in your daily life. 
                            7. Remove Seats from the Table:  Remember those weird vibes I mentioned. Take time to nurture those relationships that are very important to you and don’t feel bad about removing toxic people from your life. You owe it to yourself to take control of the life you want to live so you’re totally responsible for the people that you allow to interrupt your peace. 
                                8. Primp and Pamper:  A little confidence will take you very far. Do things that make you feel good about yourself. If that’s a haircut, go for it. Paint your nails, take a long bath and exfoliate your skin. 
                                    9. Stop the Comparisons: Simply put, worry about yourself and your journey. It’s your journey for a reason so stop looking at other’s peoples grass and wondering why their grass appears to be greener than yours. The time you take looking at what the next person is doing, it takes you away from something very important; watering your grass to make sure it stays green.
                                        10. Increase Positive Thoughts: Staying positive can be a challenge at times but with practice, you can develop the habit of taking the good out of bad situations. Surround yourself with positive messages. Place uplifting quotes at your desk or other positive messages like affirmations that can really lift your spirits. I like to carry a deck of affirmation cards to shuffle through when my mood feels low and it really helps to make that mental shift when you need a gentle reminder that you're the shit. 
                                            11. Cry it Out: Have your moment(s) and cry it out. Some of us may have been taught that crying is a sign of weakness but it’s neither strong or weak, it’s a reaction to something that has occurred. Let it out as much as you can and confide with people you can trust so that you can work towards healing and letting it go. 
                                                12. Eat Well: Have you ever noticed how you are drawn towards junk foods when you’re stressed? Be conscious of this as poor eating habits add to that feeling of exhaustion and makes us feel worse and can limit our ability to handle normal stress. Drink water, and enjoy balanced meals.
                                                    13. Switch your Mindset: Pay attention to how you react to stressful events. Do you hold on to the negative aspects for too long? Practice switching your mindset and focus on what the event is teaching you rather than how it’s harming you.
                                                        14. See a Therapist: We are quick to go see a dentist, the eye doctor and check on our physical health but many times we neglect our mental health. The past plays a part in who you are today. YOU are the best to determine when you need to see a professional and seeing a therapist doesn’t mean that you have a mental illness. Many people who are at various stages in their lives see a therapist to just talk. Find a safe place to talk with no judgement and be mindful of your mental health.
                                                            15. Don't Be So Serious: Laugh, run in the rain, soak up the sun, go on that trip, buy the damn shoes, go on that date, play with your kids without devices, make snow angels, nap at the park, have dinner with friends, burn your candles, do things that help you grow into the best version of yourself and live your best life.

                                                                  Did you enjoy this list? Tell us all about it and feel free to add to the list in the comments.

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