Building a Self-Love Altar

Create a sacred space for healing that is all yours. 

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Altars can be found in many places; temples, shrines, churches and other places of spiritual worship but you don't have to participate in an organized religion to be spiritual. Creating an altar in your home is a great way to invite positive energy, peace, and love into your space. Whether you're building your altar for meditation, prayer, or to connect with your ancestors, think of it as a space where you can manifest and fill your home with comfort. 

What is self-love? The whole concept is a topic of conversation everywhere but some people still don't know what it is and many people still hold the belief that it's selfish. Self-love is simply loving yourself but not in a way that is narcissistic Self-love is putting effort towards your own well-being and happiness.

You don't need much to go on your altar but you should be mindful of the items you place on your altar to celebrate all that you are and enrich your life. Here is how you create a beautiful altar: 


Choose a space in your home that you will see daily. Physically remove any clutter or items that are not a part of your altar and clear negative energy with incense and white sage. Often, this space may be a table


Your altar should align with your purpose and interests. Perhaps your altar is centered around a goal, the current season, your intentions or favorite color. Keep this focused to create your personal altar that flows.


Since this alter is for self-love, add items that you feel a connection to. Take your time and add items little by little or reserve your items for a special day to out it all together. Think of this as a form of art and get creative my using colors, crystals, candles, flowers, special awards, personal trinkets or treasures, incense, smudge, photos and quotes that bring you positive energy. We recommend adding items that represent four elements: earth, air water, and fire. Here are some ideas from our line of products:


Their is no right or wrong way to build an altar but arrange it in a way where you can access the items to hold while you meditate or pray. A great time to arrange your alter is on a full moon as it's a great time to set new intentions. Also, take your time. Don't just throw it together but be mindful of where you're putting items without a rush and don't get too caught up in how other people may have decorated their altar.


With society often placing focus on outer beauty, I want you to take time to reflect, journal and process these questions and work on own who you are. 

  • Whats your biggest obstacle that gets in the way of you loving yourself?
  • What am I holding onto?
  • Can I forgive myself? What's making it so hard?
  • What fulfills me?
  • What would I like to get rid of?
  • What are my interests?
  • How do I show myself love? 
  • What am I grateful for? 
  • What do I value about myself?
  • What emotions am I holding back?
  • What do I want out of life?
  • What makes me feel beautiful?

As always, keep your altar clean, dust free and maintained to honor your intentions. Remember, even when you're not using your altar, it still holds energy. 

Did you enjoy this post? We would love to know if you make an altar. Leave a comment below and share. 


  • Colleen Gardner

    Am making one now thanks


    A year later and this blessing has been received. Thank you!

  • Sheila

    Thank you for this blessing!

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