Candle Decoration Ideas for Every Room

Get the fire going with these candle decorating ideas. 

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If you look back in history, candles have gone through  quite the transformation. When it comes to candles, they can be overlooked when planning home decor. They don't only have the ability to create warmth and a beautiful aroma in your home but can be a great way to add some fun, style and pops of color in every room of your house. Let's discover some ways you can decorate with candles to amplify your space and make your rooms glow. 


Your bedroom is the heart of romance and getting a great night of sleep. With the right placement, you can create a serene feel when you're not in the mood for the bright lighting especially after a long day at work. Place your candles on the nightstand or alongside a mirror to create reflection. As a reminder, extinguish your candle before you fall asleep to avoid a fire hazard. 


The bathroom can be such a calming place. If you're in the mood for a hot bath, lace candles around your bathtub while you soak. For added visual effects, a candle near the mirror in your bathroom gives off twice the the glow. Candles in the bathroom also help to add a layer of warmth and welcoming when you have guests visiting.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating with candles in your living room. You can place candles on your coffee table, windowsill, book shelf, and fireplace. Opt for a decorative tray for visual attraction that can be easily moved around. During a movie or family get-together's, something as simple as a candles lit nearby can create warmth and relaxation. Be careful not to fall asleep next to a burning candle as fabric can catch fire and result in a fire hazard. Candles should not be kept in low areas or left unattended where children or pets can reach them. 


Keep a candle burning in the kitchen while you cook to create ambiance. You've invited a group of girlfriends over to cook and a great way to add some fun is by burning a fragrant candle. With very minimal effort, you can easily create a conversation around your candle and add ambiance around cooking a meal. Its amazing how even a single candle can create liveliness in a dull room. 


Sitting outdoors with a candle is a great way to unwind from a busy day. Use a candle lantern to help keep the candle flame steady and protected from any draft. Candles are also great on the patio for a nice outdoor ambiance and charm. Whether the candles are resting on a table or sitting in a lantern, The outdoor porch is a great space to surround yourself with candles to relax. 


When you study, light a candle to keep you optimistic and focused. The same can be said working from your home office as certain aromas such as coffee or lemon, can help increase your productivity. Place your candle nearby on your desk or a suitable table to see the flame.


Create a beautiful alter within your home for self-care and personal rituals with objects that represent you such as flowers,  incense, smudge, crystals and candles to burn as you set your intentions. Doing this is a great to invite more peace, serenity, and love into your home on a daily basis. Add something for each of the senses to help you slow down and breathe. 


People travel with candles all the time with no problems. Travel with your candle to add your own style to any space and make yourself home anywhere. Whether you're visiting with family, friends or a solo trip, take your favorite scent with you for a dose of calm especially after the chaos of travel. Make sure you get permission to burn a candle before hand as some hotels do not permit them and check with the airline you're booking with for weight restrictions.

As you can see, decorating with candles leaves endless opportunities for your individual creativity, so when you're decorating, don't forget to add candles for a bit of magic. There's nothing like a fragrant candle and Posh Candle Co has the largest collection of unique candles that make stylish home decor and inspiration including candles with catchy phrases and crystal infused candles. 

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  • Rhianna Hawk

    I love your idea of using lanterns to decorate an outdoor space with candles. My patio has a really nice deck and sitting area, and I think you’re right that adding a candle would help create an even better relaxing atmosphere. Putting it in a lantern would be great for protecting that against the elements, and I may take it inside to the study as you suggest, as well.

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