Tips to Empower Female Entrepreneurs


I get a lot of emails or direct messages on social media from women who are interested in starting a business, looking for advice or looking for something they can’t find. Sometimes its candle related and other times it’s unrelated to candle making. Generally, I answer but as of late, I’ve decided to stop this because it takes time to give thoughtful responses and time is money.

Don’t get me wrong. Often, I recall how difficult and frustrating it was for me when I first dipped my toes into business. I’m talking about 2008 when I launched my jewelry business, had shitty graphics, and failed miserably type of toe dipping. 10 years later with a list of failed ideas, I have something that has grown beyond my expectations, am still learning, and failing less miserably. I spend so much time and money implementing my ideas that I can’t make myself easily accessible. So, I suspect that the women contacting me are missing something... they’re just not going for it. So, here are four powerful tips to get you out of my DM’s and into action.  


You know exactly what that means… You identify what you want and you go for it. Start defining and reflecting on your goals by doing a brainstorm. List your past successes. What do you think made those successful? List your failures. What contributed to the failures? List what makes you happy, what you’re passionate about and what you stand for. What’s your dream and ideal life? Writing these things down can not only help you stay motivated but you are likely to uncover some things that have been holding you back. Once you know better, go for it. Worst case, you fuck it all up. The great thing is since you’re in control, you decide when it’s time to pivot or exit. You're not a rock or a tree, you can totally make some moves. 


There are no short cuts. Do the research, put in the work and learn from your own point of view about YOUR business. No amount of advice is going to save you or make your business work unless you make research and implement what you’ve learned from your research.  You will research for a variety of reasons. Whether its deciding what type of business you’re going to launch, getting to know your customers and or separating yourself from the competition, research is involved. Research every detail so that you can make the best decisions for yourself.


You can’t complain about things not working if you’re not preparing yourself. Sign up for training's that can help you gain valuable skills to apply to your business. Get organized. Create a business plan. If you’re lacking in marketing, take a marketing course. If you suck at taxes, get an accountant. Contact the Small Business Development Center in your area to see if they offer any workshops. Take classes that help you level up and give your business a boost. 


We have this idea that business should look a certain way and we should avoid failing. Who said that we have to be correct, look shiny and do everything like everyone else? Bring your personality into your business, play around with ideas, see what sticks and just enjoy the journey. Don’t be afraid to be a little rough around the edges in the beginning. As time passes, you will learn exactly what works for you. If an idea does not work out, you have other ideas waiting to see the light of day. Just know that failure is inevitable, and you want to start failing fast so that you can learn.

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  • Dominique

    Thanks for sharing these are some great tips

  • Shanaya

    Thanks for sharing! This was great information & right on point!

  • Erin

    This is great advice! Thank you for sharing!

  • Ambrie

    Amazing advice sis! my favorite is doing the research!!! Pinterest and google are my favorite!!!

  • Kelli

    Thanks for the tips, your time and efforts are appreciated

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